Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Serpent Returns

“In the war of ideas, it's the crudest & most simplified ideology that wins. During our own lifetimes we have seen great & highly civilized countries becoming infected by epidemics of ideological insanity, & whole populations being destroyed for the sake of some irrational slogan.” Christopher Dawson

1500 years ago St Patrick drove the serpent out of Ireland. The country was the warm beating heart of Christendom. Its people generous and devout and kind. Many might wonder if the serpent has returned now that Ireland has voted to repeal the 8th amendment. In ‘Goodbye to Catholic Ireland’ Mary Kenny explains how the vote to protect the unborn in 1983 was seen as part of the natural pro-natalist character of the Irish people. If anyone wondered how you change the fundamental character of a people within a generation the answer is now obvious. You help the economy to enjoy all the benefits of full consumer capitalism a la the Celtic Tiger, and you flood the media with liberal globalist propaganda. It helps also to have a Church utterly bereft of moral authority both because of historical child sexual abuse by members of the priesthood, and because it has itself embraced a relativist pluralism that no longer has the courage to proclaim the truth of Christ.