Sunday, 7 November 2010

Away with the faeries

Exciting week. On Monday I discovered the Brotherhood of Ruralists. On Friday I went to an exhibition in Clerkenwell of their paintings and their associates paintings and chatted to artists. Got very inspired. Realised I am a ruralist (one who leaves the city for the country) of a special kind because I originally left the country for the city, and now I live, it's fair to say, in neither the city nor the country, a kind of limbo place on the way to the M25. So I'm an aspirational ruralist - one who can't afford to escape the forcefield of London. Still, there's always day trips.

 Anyway, currently loving art by Sean Jefferson, Jo March, Annie Ovenden, Paul Inshaw and others. Have a look at their work:

Oh yes and I also discovered I have moved very close to Shoreham, the home of Samuel Palmer and his valley of vision. Will visit that soon.