Saturday, 17 December 2011

Fate, Necessity and Providence

I was thinking about Robert Zoller's work on fate, an astrologer involved in Project Hindsight, which aims to rediscover medieval astrological thinking.  Zoller said that modern man chooses to ignore fate as irreconcilable with freedom.
What he has to say comes from one of the Hermetic fragments of Stobaeus, and it echoes this: "God should have lordship over reason and reason over sensuality and sensuality over the body of man".
You can find the fragment here:
"Reason [comes] under Providence; unreason [falls] under Necessity; the things that happen in the corporal [fall] under Fate." So the body is ruled by fate, the soul by necessity, ie. inasmuch as it chooses ignorance and the body it will be caught in the lower streams of fate, and the spirit is ruled by providence.

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